An easy (late) present

I like it when presents are easy! My mother has been slowly getting into mountain biking and is doing a few Xterras this year. Her skills are very rudimentary and she wanted to work on them. So for a late birthday present, Nick and I took her to CMSP to ride a few of the northern trails. She originally wanted to head down to Pueblo since the easy trails are much easier but with the wind we have been having lately - Pueblo did not sound like fun. So to CMSP we went. She's ridden Sundance and Talon, so we figured that Soaring Kestrel and such would be a good challenge. The trails were pretty busy with riders from all over, pre-riding for the MSC race next weekend. Can't understand why, it was a perfect day for riding. Sunny, warm and no wind up in the trees. Hope everyone else out riding had as much as fun as we did. Mom did really well, even rode over a few rocks!

Mom making her way around the rocks on Coyote Run - Nick waiting to spot her if needed

Third attempt through the rocks in Acorn Alley - and she's still looking at the rock, not the trail!

Nick waiting on Coyote Run - notice the line for her to follow on the trail 


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