Saying Goodbye.

What is a wonderful opportunity for the owner of MotorTabs and the future growth of the product means that I will be saying goodbye to one of my best sponsors at the end of the month. MotorTabs will be shutting down and ending production of the electrolyte replacement tablets. Upon hearing the news, I stocked up my favorite flavors! Have to make them last now... I will miss the portability of the tablets, the great flavors, the slight effervescence and the balanced blend of electrolytes. MotorTabs made it easy to turn any drink into an electrolyte replacement drink, without tons of calories or artificial sweeteners. Greg, the founder, has accepted a position with CytoSport and will be the new brand manager for CytoMax. The potential for development in the arena of portable, single serving electrolyte replacement tabs is huge with this new position and I wish him the best of luck.


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