Beating the snow

I think I may have beaten the weather today. Or at least, I have finally learned to kinda pay attention to the forecast. And if the forecast is to be trusted, the clouds are closing in and the temps plunging. So I ran at Lake Pueblo before work, hoping that for once things would go my way. It was a good morning for a run. A thick layer of clouds and fog blanketed the lake and trails, with a damp bite to the air. The chill was evident by the frost tinging the grass and trees. But luckily, it was cold enough to keep the trails from turning to clay. The fog blocked the noise from CO 96, so I was alone on trails and enjoying the winter silence. It was actually not that cold once I got warmed up and I had a good time. Felt really relaxed on the trails, despite the hard work last week. And so far it looks like I made the right choice. The clouds have tightened their grip on the earth, spitting snow as the temperature continues to drop. Below zero temperatures are in the forecast, so I might have enjoyed my last outside run for awhile.


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