Speedwork sights

There is a Golden eagle that lives near the track I use for speed workouts. Last week, he was perched on the utility shed, scanning the shrubs for food. I saw him make a few kills while I was running. He would lift off from the roof, float a few moments then hurtle down with talons extended. I don't know what he got, but he always spent a few minutes pulling something apart. He stayed almost my whole workout, at least until a pair of robins decided he was too close to their nest. The robins were maybe an eighth as big as the eagle, but persistant and annoying. Finally, he gave up the hunt and flew off.
He was back yesterday. As I was finishing my warmup lap, he was in the bushed near the north end of the track. As he flew off, I saw the small bird cluched in his talons. Made me think about all the people who are out and about but never see anything. All the gadgets - ipods, phones - isolate us from reality. We miss so much of what happens around us now. And then I had to focus on my workout and stop watching the eagle. Life and death at the track!


  1. ah yes but with your trusty iphone4 you can video the experience plaster it on your facebook or twitter. Then we can all share....what a cool thing to watch!!!

  2. I spend too much money on bikes and such to afford a phone like that! Besides, I usually don't bring my phone to the track anyway.


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