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Jul 31, 2010

Off on the CT

Nick's off riding the Colorado Trail again. I dropped him off at the Indian Creek Trailhead this morning, and then rode with them down to the junction with the Colorado Trail. He and Greg decided to ride that instead of starting at Waterton Canyon because it starts with single track right away. Waterton Canyon is a service road for one of the dams on the South Platte and can get pretty busy with runners and riders early in the day. Riding a fun section of single track sounded better to the boys, so that's where we went. Dan, the guy Nick rode with last year (and who was planning on joining the ride until he crashed and hurt his shoulder) met us at the trailhead and rode with us to the junction. It was a pretty good ride - I did wipe out twice and have a nice scrap on my left knee to show for it. Made the obstacle, then ran off the trail into the bushes!

It will be interesting to see how Greg handles the altitude on some of the sections of the trail. He was amazed at how much the elevation was affecting him on the first section of the trail. Just keeping the heart rate down and breathing under control was a challenge for him. I think they will have a good time. They were getting some odd looks from the other people at the junction with the CT because of the gear and bags on their bikes. Take a good look at the bags in the pictures. Greg and his wife made them. They also make all the hats in my race pictures - F3 Designs.
Greg modeling all the different F3 Designs bikepacking bags - seat, frame, handlebar and bento

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