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Jul 10, 2010

Blast the Mass course preview

Finally in Snowmass for the Blast the Mass cross country event. We pre-rode the long course yesterday and it's a lot of fun. I'm not sure I'll be able to get on the course today to ride the short loop because we criss cross the Super D course and one of the DH races. The climb is long and quite the slog uphill.  It is mostly single track and through some really pretty areas. I was spinning in my granny gear a few times on the pre-ride, but I think I'll avoid that for the race. After the climb, the course traverses the mountain, again mostly on single track. There were plenty of stream crossings, rock gardens and root fields. We did share the trail with the Down Hill races for about a quarter of a mile - and we were descending as fast as some of them!

Finally the long and short loops split off. We took the long loop and continued east on the Goverment trail. Again, plenty of rocks, roots and stream crossings. Then we turned straight down hill. Once again, I was chatting away, reminding myself about postitioning and bike handling. It was a fun descent - not super technical, but sweeping and fast. Another rolling traverse across the face of the mountain and we found ourselves back at the Snowmass Village Base. One lap for the pre ride - racing will be two laps. I'm not looking forward to having to climb up that hill a second time!

Nick is racing the Short Track later today. I'm going to be support. After racing both short track and cross country the weekend before Waco in May, I decided the skip the short track. Cross country only, then get ready for Beaver Creek

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