Breaking out the Tri Bike!

I have not forgotten how to ride my tri bike. Since I am doing Silverman in November, I figured that I needed to start getting some time in on my tri bike. I honestly haven't ridden it since, oh, March? I've done road rides, sure, but on my road bike. So I had to pull the trainer tire off and get everything ready to ride. The plan was to head to Fountain and do the Hanover loop. It's a low traffic, moderatly hill loop that takes me about two hours. But as the day gets later, the wind gets stronger. I was taking a chance by leaving later in the day. I had a pretty strong headwind on the east bound road, but was able to settle into aero and make good time. Turning south, I still had a head wind. This time, it slowed me down a little. Luckly, the nasty dog wasn't out today and I didn't need to worry about sprinting to avoid him. Turning west, and I had a tail wind, but the road had been freshly chip sealed. Even on the tri bike, I can't avoid riding on gravel and dirt! But the road really needed to be redone, so I was happy to see the chip sealing. It was a good ride. I enjoyed getting out and just riding, not worrying about traffic. It was also nice to get back into the road groove. There's a big difference between road and mountain - road is constant while the mountain is punchy with frequent accelerations and recovery.


  1. HEEEELLLLOOOOOOO. Your coming to my town! Id say my race but I am not that fast! I will be racing that day though!! Very cool! Hills, hills, and more hills on that bike aaaaaand run. Happy training!

  2. This is actually my sixth time raceing at Silverman - and it's the only road tri on my schedule this year. And I think you can call it "your race" - speed is relative, espcially on that course!


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