Welcome To Waco!

I got in to Waco yesterday after a pretty uneventful drive. It was really windy in the pan handle and I ended up putting both bikes in the car. Good thing - the reason it was so windy was because there were a few tornados in the ugly clouds north of where I was driving. Decided to take the back roads down through the middle of TX - actually really pretty driving.

When I got to the home I am staying at  (Thanks Cat and Ian!) Cat was already to go show me the course. Seemed like the perfect way to unwind from that long drive, so I quickly got ready to head out to Cameron Park. First thing I noticed was the humidity. There is so much water in the air down here it's hiding all the oxygen! Second thing I noticed was how much fun the course is. There is no rest on this course - it's up, down, twisty, switch backs, swooping, flowy descents. Most of the course is on narrow single track winding around trees and rocks. This is a true mountain biking course, without even having a mountain in site!

I was lucky that I was following Cat. She and Ian helped design the course, so she knew all the little ins and outs. It also made the ride a lot more enjoyable - I wasn't out in the park all alone, hoping to see an arrow. There are so many twists and turns that half the time, I had no clue where I was. I just knew that some how, the arrows would lead me back to the start line! The ride today was a lot easier since I'd followed Cat yesterday - I felt at least somewhat aware of where I was on the course and the landmarks to be looking for.


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