Track Time

After setting my run pace and heart rate intervals during the VO2/LT testing, it's time to head to the track. Once again, I haven't been on a track in a number of months. I've been doing speed work on the trails or on the roads, but not on the track. Because I haven't been on a track, it was kinda a shock to the system. Running fast on the trails or roads is very different then the consistancy of the track. There's no cheating around that oval - it's just running and the clock. No distractions, no hills, just the focus on running a specific time per lap. I love that, even though I don't really get on the track that much.

The track I use is a dirt/gravel oval right near my house. It's really convient - I can run there for my warm up and run home for the cool down. There's no fence around the track, so I don't have to worry about getting approval to use it. And it's usually pretty quiet. I've never really had an issue with anyone running or walking there. If anything, I would be the annoying one - I don't like running the same direction for every interval! I'm sure I'll be spending more quality time there in the next few months - getting my speed back for the end of the season.


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