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May 21, 2010

South Central Preview

When everyone found out that I was going to Waco TX for the South Central Championships, the question was "What is there to do in Waco?" Well, actually, I think this will be one of the hidden Gems in the Xterra series. The course is fantastic - a mix of everything. The swim is in the river, with a slight current one way and wind driven waves the other way. Right now it's looking like we won't be able to wear wetsuits. I got in today and it was a bit murky, but the water felt great. The bike course is going to be a challenge. There is fast, flowing sections amid the trees, short steep climbs, long down hills followed by long climbs and plenty of technical sections to keep even the best riders on their toes. I pre rode twice and had to get off and walk a few sections each time. There is also not a lot of places to rest and recover - constantly on the gas. The run starts out with a brutal stair case climb called Jacob's Ladder. It gets more interesting from there, with urban trail running through the disc golf course in the first half to the same narrow single track from the bike course. I am really looking forward to Sunday and getting out and racing.

I also have to say that the host community is behind the race the whole way. I am staying with the the bike course designer and his wife and they have been working constantly to make sure that the course is marked and we are able to get out and pre ride. The hospitality has been just incredible.One of the other pros is staying with a lady about 20 minutes from the race site and she has full use of one of the family's cars. I only had to drive to the store - I am within minutes of the park. Yesterday, we went to a "meet and greet" at one of the local bike stores (Bicycles Outback) and I got the chance to meet a few of the local organizers. After that, there was a dinner at one of the orgainzer's house. I have never tasted fajitas that good in my life. I don't think that I will be able to eat fajitas at a resturaunt again and not compare them. This homestay has been a treat and has made the whole weekend so much easier.

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