Chalk Creek Stampede coming up

The first mountain bike race of the season (for me - missed Rabbit Valley as I was racing in Vegas) is coming up quick. We're heading to Nathrop with the Turtle for the weekend for some classic Colorado racing - hills, false flats and head winds! Short track on Saturday and cross country on Sunday. I didn't get to ride at Nathrop last year and in 2008 it was my first mountain bike race - ever. Nick made me race in the beginners class (Cat 3)! I'm looking forward to seeing the course through more experinced eyes and with better riding skills. There's also a lot of long, power sections along the fence line. That's one of my weak points, so it will be another good chance to evaluate my progress. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and it will be nice out. This has been a strange spring - we haven't had one.


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