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May 14, 2010

More Turtle Trouble!

Just in time to head to Nathrop, the turtle starts acting up. Nick had no problems on his trip to Fruita for the Rabbit Valley Rally, but so far... The plan was for me to go swim early, then come home and drop Nick off at the storage facility. He would drive the Turtle to work, then we could load up and head to Nathrop after I got home. Well, the first part of the plan worked great. I had a good swim and got home with plenty of time for both of us to get to work. Then Murphy's Law hit. We could not get it to start. There was a brief moment where everything sounded good, then nothing. Even with starting fluid, there was nothing happening. Just a lot of exhaust and noise. Then the starting fluid ignited in the engine compartment! Nick ran for the fire exstinguisher and hit the engine with a burst. So much for saving time! And hopefully we still have a turtle after work. Nick thinks the fuel filters might be clogged. It's happened before, where the filters clogged and the engine wouldn't run. So Nick's going to try changing the filters and see if that helps. Otherwise, we're tent camping in Nathrop this weekend..

Footnote - we did have a turtle after work and it started perfectly. So who knows. But it was a good thing that we were able to get the turtle up and running because it rained all night. A cold, wet rain. I would not want to be in a tent last night!

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