Flats and Traffic

What a way to ruin a good workout. I wanted to do my brick workout this morning so I didn't have to deal with as much traffic or the possibility of thunder storms. Well, the road I used to ride has become too busy to feel comfortable. The amount of truck traffic was scary. I don't think I ever want to ride on 115 again. I was not comfortable, even all the way at the edge of the shoulder. To make matters worse, the shoulder is always full of crap - glass, rocks, blown out tires. I got one flat about one and an half hours into a two hour ride. Had one tube and got the flat fixed, and proceded on my way. Ten minutes later, another flat. I did not have another tube with me. That was the end of my workout. Nick had to come and get me. At that point, I didn't bother with the run. I will do a short brick when I get off work. The good news of the morning was that I was able to maintain a very good pace at a lower heart rate then last time. But I will not ride on 115 again. It is just too dangerous. I will find a new hilly route to ride.


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