Beaver Creek Report

Well, different race but the script was the same. I finished tenth in the Mountain Cup today, behind some of the best women on the circuit. I felt awsome in the water and had a really strong swim. I was the fourth woman out of the water. My transistion was definetly smoother today. I was able to get the wetsuit off a lot faster then in other races. It helped that I slathered the legs in Body Glide and Beljum Budder. Nick said that I still lost some time in the transition to the other women. Once out on the bike, it did not take long. Just before the start of the single track and the long climb, five women blew past me. I was able to keep Emma in sight until just before the first descent, but after that she was gone. This was a challenging bike course. The climb was long and brutal. There were really only a few short breaks from climbing until the final descent. I was happy that Nick and I did ride that part. Not a descent I would have wanted to ride blind. The run was just as tough as the bike. We climbed right back up to the start of the descent, dropped back to transition, then headed up again. I walked a little more then I would have liked but my legs were beat up from the bike. All in all, this was still a really good race. I was a little disapointed right after I finshed, but Nick put things in perspective. I fixed one of my issues - T1 - and identified some major areas to work on in the next few months before USA Championships at Ogden. Time to start getting on the bike and really focusing.


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