Xterra Mountain Cup - Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek should be interesting. I only got to ride the last third of the bike course, but it was a fun trail. The women's pro field is stacked for this race. The top four women from Maui last year will be on the starting line. I think this should be a good race for me. I felt strong on the pre ride and riding the Colorado Trail yesterday. The last run workout I did was also strong. Hopefully feeling good and relaxed today will translate into a fast race tommorow.

The bad news of the week is that one of the club members was involved in a bad wreck on tuesday while preriding. He broke his leg up by the hip and had to go straight to surgery after getting hauled off the mountain. He is still up in Avon, waiting until after the race for one of the other club members to drive him home. Nick is being a great husband - after getting me all settled for the race, he is going to help Brucw get around. He wants to watch the finsh of the race, despite being non weight bearing. He has a chair and plans on just claiming a patch of land near the finish. I'm happy that Nick is willing to help out like this. It really means a lot to Bruce, since he is out for the rest of the year.


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