Happy Birthday

I have wheels!! My birthday was this weekend and Nick got me the ZTR Race wheels from Stans. So now my Tomac is closer to being ready to ride. I still won't ride it at the Indian Peaks Xterra, but it will be ready for USA Championships at Odgen. The wheels were a last minute change in plans for a present. He was originally going to surprise me with a fancy weekend at one of the Beaver Creek condos. Getting the homestay with Molly from the club changed that plan so now I have wheels. We mounted tires last night and I got the saddle on, so the Tomac is looking like a real bike. All we have left to do is the cabling and fine tuning the fit. This was an awsome present and much better then spending money on a condo. I can use the bike and remember what a fun weekend we had.


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