Track workout

I did my first track workout this season the other day. Ive been doing some speed workouts, but not getting on the track at all. This was a shock to the system for sure. It did feel good to stretch out and pick up the pace, but I was suffering at the end. I was able to run between 6:30 and 6:40 miles, which was where I wanted to be, but it hurt. I do need to do more focused speed drills to help with the run.

I'm going start working with Marti to improve my form on the run. She's a world class runner - once holding the American record in the 15,000k and winning the 1987 Pan American games 10,00k. She's also won many marathons and competed in the world cross country championships. She'll have lots of good drills and workouts that will help me on the run. I just need to listen.


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