Trainer Killers

TRAINER KILLERs - AKA  Specialized FatBoy and Exposure lights out getting some night riding in the snow. 
Fresh tracks the Chutes 

I took the Procycling demo bike out for a spin. I have ridden a fat bike before but never got the chance to ride one for what I would intend it for which is conditions like tonight. While I would be able to ride a normal bike today I would have been spinning out a bunch, walking, and generally not having a quality ride. Once I got the tire pressure correct I could just drill it up and down the trail. So if you are getting tired of doing the incline in conditions like today. Go ride one of these things. Better yet, ride one at night so you get the trail to yourself and your buddies.

Wooplah!! Nick,

Specialized FatBoy in it's native environment


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