How'd I do?

Way back in January 2013, I set out with only five resolutions to work on for the coming year. I kept the list short and sweet, with things related to both riding and life. And now that it's 2014, I had to go back and see how I did with keeping them. Overall, not too bad.

The first one was to take more pictures for the blog and to let the photos help or even tell the story sometimes. Well, that one's going really well. I have a lot more cool photos and have even gotten Nick willing to stop at least once or twice to take some action shots. I think it's really livened up the blog and provided a lot more visual interest. I hope what I'm writing is interesting enough, but....

The second resolution was to work on my skills. And I have been - big time. Working on balance, trying to pop wheelies, everything. I still struggle with the wheelies and know there's a lot of work left. But I'm more comfortable and confident riding big stuff and better at picking the right lines through the rock gardens. I'm also really starting to understand how much smooth skills will help with the races I have planned for 2014. I need to keep practicing!

Third, I wanted to learn more about my PT wheel. And now that I have both road and mountain PT wheels, it's been more important then ever. I've spent time reading about training with power, studied the affects of the different workouts and the correlation between power and HR. I understand the purpose of the workouts better then I did before I still have a lot to learn, but I've gotten to the point where I can do a workout without looking at the power and still come very close to the prescribed intensity. To me, that's important for racing since I can't be staring at the screen every second.

The fourth goal was to put the phone away more. Well, that still needs a lot of work. You won't find me stopping mid ride to answer the phone (I'll pull it out to take some photos, but that's it.) The rest of the time, I need to be more regimented and not let myself get tied to the electronic strings. I do like getting all the gossip and such from FB and Twitter (and have contributed plenty myself) but I need to get even better about limiting my use. Especially when people are around - interact with those I'm with, not the imaginary people typing somewhere else. So that goal with continue for 2014

Finally, I wanted to get more consistent with the foam roller, yoga and stretching. I'm better, but not consistent. I haven't gotten to the point where I will spend 20 minutes every day working out problem areas. It shows when I go in for a massage - the weeks I've been good are much better then the weeks I've been lazy. The little imbalances and niggles develop so quickly, especially when I'm not running or swimming as much. I'm going to keep this goal going - aiming for 15 minutes a day of core, stretching and the like. Getting into the habit will be the hardest part, but it will be worth it in the end.


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