There is something about a new bike. It starts with pouring over the catalogue - reviewing the geometry and components of all the options. Then comes the decision of what really will be the best bike for the purpose as well as what is financially reasonable. In my case, once we've decided what bike to get, we have to order it in. I very rarely get to test ride any of my bikes. The Stumpy FSR was the only bike I've gotten to ride before buying - and I love that bike. So there is the added stress of waiting for the bike, hoping that it really is what I want. And the question of will it really fit me or what changes will we have to make to ensure it fits. There's always a process of fitting and tweaking once a new bike arrives and I usually need shorter seat post among other things. So even when I take a new bike home, I may not be able to ride it for a few more days. Always waiting until it's perfect and ready to ride, the anticipation building.

Because I usually have to order my bikes, there's the added eagerness for that first look. Sure, there might be the same bike in a larger size on the floor, but it doesn't compare. The little bikes always look so silly but elegant with the lines and huge wheels. There's an art to compressing the frame and geometry around the monster truck wheels and I'm always anxious to see how it's going to look. Will things flow together and look fast or will it just be chunky like a tonka truck? My stumpy has the tonka truck look about it, but rides like a dream. How will this new race machine look? It's glossy black with electric green trim, like Nick's epic EVO. Looks awesome in the pictures - sleek and fast. And I don't even like the glossy paint! This time was worse because Nick went into ProCycling while they were building it and was telling me all about it. Finally, when we picked it up - everything I'd hoped for. A fast little race machine - 27lbs ready to ride - 120mm of suspension just waiting for some rocks.

Unfortunately, that will have to wait a little longer. As anticipated, there's some issues with the fit that we have to address before I can ride it. I haven't even taken it for a whirl around the parking lot yet. Even that is on hold until I get a shorter dropper post. Something about needed to get the saddle low enough to actually reach the pedals! Then we can get the rest of the fit dialed and I can plan the maiden ride. Until then - the anticipation will continue to build. Hopefully it won't take too long


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