Weekend - interrupted

We've been bad RV owners this winter. We haven't used the turtle at all since our trip Salida mid October. We haven't done any driving around town this winter! So Saturday morning, when we loaded up bikes and gear for a weekend trip to Lake Pueblo, we were hoping for the best. Unfortunately, that wasn't what we got. Cruising down I-25, just south of Circle and Nick sniffs. "Smell that?" A few seconds later, the smell of radiator fluid fills the cab. Then a small backfire and Nick says "that's it, we're done." We creep along until the S Academy exit where we can safely pull over. The entire engine is steaming now, with billows of white smoke pouring from every opening. Apparently, that was an improvement over the grey purple cloud coming from the tail pipe! We hung out for a while, hoping to limp home on the slower roads. Nick was sure the turtle was dead - cracked engine or something. When we got home, I unpacked and he called his dad, who somehow knew exactly what the problem just off the smoke colors! And he was right! So instead of a relaxing trip, some fun playtime in the canyons, Nick got to fix the turtle.

Talking with some friends mid ride at Red Rocks

But we still got out and rode. We took advantage of the cool temperature and late start to meander our way into Red Rocks. It was a mix of snow and dry trails, and lots of fun. We rode a lot of different trails, exploring the area. Red Rocks is usually so busy that we avoid the main trails on the weekends, but with the setting sun, it was perfect. Cold enough that there was no mud, but warm enough to leave the heavy gloves at home. I still missed the rock slab on Roundup - that thing just scares me. I'm not sure I could figure out where we went, but it was good riding. We did take one side trail that Nick rode - I walked - but he made it look easy in front of two guys who were sure only pro DH riders could make it. Awesome! I also got to watch Nick wipe out in the snow and go sliding on a different trail. That doesn't happen very frequently - usually I'm the one who wipes out!

Sunday we drove the now repaired Turtle to CMSP with plans to ride and run. Well, we got the ride part done. I was slower then molasses and just crawling up every climb. The soft snow didn't help, but again no mud. We stayed on the north side of the park, riding Blackmere, Soaring Kestrel and the other fun trails around the campgrounds. Because I was feeling so sluggish and tired, we spent about 10 minutes in the middle of the ride working on skills. Balance, hopping and multiple steps in a row. Every time I think I'm getting good with my skills, Nick introduces something new and I'm a klutz all over again. Same thing this time - just clumsy with the turning mid hop. As for the run, I opted for an easy mile with Nick. I was still feeling the Rescue Run in my legs!

Nick showing me some things, like hopping while turning at CMSP
Hopefully, that's the only turtle issue we have between now and February. Old Pueblo is getting close and we've gotten spoiled having our home on wheels for 24 hour races.


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