Playing hooky

After spending most of the last three weeks hiding in the garage for my workouts because of the freezing temperatures, i was looking forward to some sun. Last week, it was so cold I wanted my down coat while doing my workout in the garage! And there had been plenty of other, equally cold days to limit outside activity. With highs projected to be near 60s for Wendesday and Thursday, I knew I was going to take advantage of the weather. But with just starting my new job, it was gonna mean playing hooky. It's a good thing lunch takes forever at my new building! More then enough time to escape for some fun.

Wednesday, as soon as I saw my last patient before lunch, I clocked out and bolted for Palmer Park. I had my bike with me and I was on a mission for some fun in the sun. And it was a great day to play. I didn't ride anything really technical - just meandered around on the easier trails. It was a planned recovery ride, so I didn't even have to push the pace. All I had to do was enjoy myself. Which wasn't hard at all - even on the easy trails I was having a blast. The park was amazingly quiet and I was able to ride a few trails faster then normal. I try to be really polite while riding in Palmer Park - you don't want to be "that cyclist!" The lack of snow, the warm temperatures and the freedom of riding made me appreciate life so much more when I got back to work.

After sleeping through my alarm on Thursday, I decided another long lunch was in order. After all, with the sun coming up and getting nice out, why would I want to run in the chilly dark? I love my morning runs, but the cold gets draining. So sunshine and shorts in January? Yes please! More then made up for the frozen eye lashes in December! I was happy I waited, even though it made the day a little crazy. A nice, relaxed run through Bear Creek and I was ready to face the full moon induced insanity that awaited me!

Speaking of full moon, the night ride last night was one of the best this year. I was expecting it to get freezing once the sun went down - Nick had come home from his ride with frozen hands on Tuesday. But it didn't get cold at all. A stiff wind picked up just as we headed out, but it just kept things mild. It was a smaller group this week, but no less fun. We stopped a couple of times to practice rock gardens, but mostly just rode. It's hard to beat a chill ride with friends, under a near full moon, with spring like temperatures. We might pay for it later (and I know we've had a few frigid nights already) but I will take the warmth and the opportunity to play hooky when it comes!


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