Looking Forward

Making resolutions seems so cliché - things painted in broad strokes without real meaning or purpose. I've never been big on resolutions or announcing goals to the world. I much prefer an open minded approach towards life improvement. It's not always about changing personally, but shifting the way you view and interact with the world. I always make goals and identify what I want to improve upon. 2013 will be no different - I have big goals, some personal things to address this year and the usual assortment of things to improve. So here goes - some goals for 2013.

Take more pictures.
I'm always envious of other blogs with well crafted stories and stunning photography. Too often, I have the story but without the pictures to help with visual impact of where we have gone and our adventures. I have a good camera - small enough to carry and it takes good pictures. Even if I only use 85% of the photos, I'm bound to improve the stories I'm telling. So this year, I'm gonna try to bring my camera on all my rides. I just need to convince Nick to stop a little more frequently so I can take some pictures!

Work on my skills.
You don't always realize what you have until someone points it out. I'm very lucky to have a husband who is willing to ride with me (most of the time)  and who wants to help me get stronger, faster and technically smoother. I don't always appreciate the time he spends with me. I get frustrated sometimes, riding over the same rock 20 times or trying to turn in circles for a minute. But it is all important in the long ride. So I need to take more time and get smoother. Fast is good, but horsepower alone usually doesn't win races. (And as I get better, Nick and I can ride more! Win-win!)

Learn my new toy.
A PT wheel for my Fate! A complete surprise and one of the best presents Nick's gotten me. Now that I have the technology, I need to learn how to best utilize it. I don't want to get caught just looking at Training Peaks and what Coach Adam has planned for the workout, then blindly uploading files without the knowledge of what all the data means. That would defeat the purpose of having the power meter. I know the goals of all the workouts - having the data helps me meet those goals. But what does it all mean on the fun rides? That's what I need to start learning so I can ride smarter and faster.

Ignore the phone.
Good about this while riding, but not so much every other time. Not every ding or ring or buzz needs to be addressed that second. It can wait. And while I love following what everyone else is doing, there needs to be some quiet time and some solid limits. Ignoring the phone will improve many things - my recovery, stress levels and the like. Because in the end, what's important is what happens right in front of me. That's what I can do something about, unlike the virtual world.

Get to know the foam roller.
And the yoga mat, and the weights and thera band I have stashed around the house! Cycling is such a linear sport, with little deviation or changes in body position - even on the mountain bike. Adding in some time every day for the foam roller and some solid stretching will improve all areas of my cycling. And hopefully keep any injuries at bay! I'm still running and swimming, but not as much as I was before. So maintaining the flexibility and the cross training is going to be important, especially as the middle of the season comes around.

Those are my resolutions for the year. Five things, not earth shaking, but all things that will improve my riding, my life and my writing. No race goal - not yet anyway. I want to get the season started and my wheels turning before I really start thinking about race goals.


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