Back to Work

The "real" kind of job - the one I went to school for. It's been fun the last  four years, traveling around the country, training hard and not working much. But not working doesn't pay the bills, let alone the expenses for the "fun" stuff. And while I've been lucky with some of the races and making some money on my bike, I'm not at the point where it's a source of income. So I've had my eyes open with the companies I work for - looking for either a part time position with some consistent hours or a flexible full time position. I've been wanting the consistency for a while - both for my sanity and my training. I just do better when I have a set schedule and I use my time better to get things done. It's less stressful to know what days I have to get up early and what days I can sleep in. And less stress means better training, which means better racing.

Well, end of last year I found out that the PT at one of the companies was leaving. And they didn't want a full time 40+ hour PT to replace him. The case load there doesn't support having the full time PTA as well as the full time PT. All they wanted was someone who would be willing to work between 30-32 hours a week, doing the evals, 10th visits and all the rest of the stuff the PT is responsible. That's exactly what I've been wanting. So starting next week, I get to rejoin the working world. I'm looking forward to it - it will be an adjustment for sure - but not getting calls at 5:30 asking me to work will be even nicer.


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