To the Garage

It's that time of year again - time to hide in the garage with one goal. The foundation for next year's dreams are built right now, with every pedal stroke and foot step. The season starts early and to reach my goals winter is the time to work. I can't call it suffering because I love the effort and the reward later. That doesn't mean it's easy. Coach Adam knows my goals and will push me to the edge to reach them. So into the garage I go. Each workout has a purpose and next week's, next months efforts build upon the hours in the garage. If the weather is nice, I may take to the streets for the workouts but I like the garage.

No cars to distract me from the effort. No ice to worry about. Dressing for the workout knowing it won't start snowing on me. I love the trails and I will ride in most anything for a fun mountain bike adventure. But when on the skinny tires, I tend to be a bit more cautious. And right now, to capture the numbers we need to really lay the foundation I need to ride my road bike. I will read the plan on training peaks and groan, wishing for something fun. But I've had my easy days and my goof off weeks. Now is the time to work.

Because without the work and effort on my part, those dreams will remain nothing more then dreams.


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