Holiday lights

One of my holiday traditions has been the Lights Run. I've done this for the last 10 years - run after work, late enough for people to get home and turn on their lights. I pick a day where I'm just running easy and turn it into a walking tour of the Christmas lights. No route, no designated distance - just following the glow of lights. It's great fun to head out at night in the crisp air and always a treat to see how people have decorated. There's a few really well done homes in my neighborhood this year, with simple but classy lights. I like the old school style - with the string of lights on the house and neatly wrapped trees. The dangling lights a lot of people use now are also really pretty and add a bit of dimension to the house. I'm also a fan of just a few colors - light blues and whites with maybe some blue or red for added visual impact. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the really outrageous  hundreds of lights in all colors that some people use! It takes a lot of work to get some of these houses decorated...

This year, I decided to bring my camera and try to get some photos of my favorite homes. I think it was a little cold for the camera to work well - the photos didn't come out great. And my fingers were getting a little chilly trying adjust the settings! So instead of a gallery of pretty Christmas lights, I only have a few to offer.
A little fuzzy - but my favorite color combination - white with wintery blues. And the deer grazing in the yard!

Wishing for joy upon a shooting star - this photo didn't come out as well as I would have liked.

The classic glowing tree - always a hit when well done like this tree.


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