New Year - New Team... ProCycling!

2013 is looking like a fun year already. New races, new goals and a new look. We've got some fun adventures planned in addition to our classic events. I'm really looking forward to the different races and rides this year. It's going to be great fun seeking out new and awesome single track with my husband. I also have some big goals for the coming year. Its gonna be a lot of hard work, but I'm ready. And I have a great support crew to help me achieve those goals. But the biggest news is the new look for the coming year.

After the end of last season, Nick was thinking of some ways to make a little extra money after a very slow summer. He decided that working at a bike shop as a mechanic might be the best idea. Something different and a way into the bike industry. Well, the week after he talked to Brian at ProCycling, he landed a good, long term contract. So much for changing careers! But we were still talking about racing for a new team after leaving Ascent (They did a great job of supporting us over the last two seasons  and are a fun group of people. We wish them all the best in riding, racing and the shop.) One of Nick's best riding buddies, Todd, had just joined ProCycling -and there were plenty of other good reasons for us to submit our resumes. After many ride discussions in the Thelen house,  we made the decision. Time to talk to Bruce about the team.

So next year, we will be riding in the blue and yellow of ProCycling. I'm sure some of you have seen us cruising the single track in our new kits. It's exciting to be part of the team, to race with some good friends. It's also a great opportunity to emphasis the fun in riding, at all levels of the sport. 
 Working on some rocks in Limbaugh Canyon
Photo - Brad Baker


  1. Congrats. Tell Nick a real job is better than working at a shop though no where near as much fun.


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