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Nov 6, 2012

End of Daylight Savings or the return of the sunrise

It's always funny - the first days after the fall back. Sunday morning, everyone is so excited about the extra hour of sleep and the light in the mornings. But as the darkness creeps across the land earlier then expected, those same people start complaining loudly about the loss of light. Maybe I just noticed it more this year on Twitter and such. I know people complain every year about falling back and the early sunset, but I was also seeing the "real time" exultation's about the sunrise in the morning.

I'm a morning person - I like getting up, getting things done early. Over the last few weeks, with the sunrise approaching 7:30, it's been hard to get motivated and get up. Darkness does that to you! It just feels really early since the sun isn't peaking above the horizon yet. Running before work has been fun, getting home before the sun even rises. I love the peace and quiet of early morning runs, but the the animals still out and about, it's a little unnerving. I had to break out the 400 lumen Exposure Lights Joystick to light up the dawn on my last few runs! So it was really nice to be able to run this morning and have sunshine on the mountains before I started.

And yes, it does get depressing to be coming home from work in the darkness. It makes it hard to get that second workout or fun ride done if things get crazy. I tend to retreat to the garage most evenings at this time - night riding alone, as I've said before isn't smart. (Which really makes me wonder - aren't most animals more active at dawn then dusk?) We have plenty of lights and I do like the night riding. It's finding partners to ride with after dark that proves to be challenging. The garage might not be as fun, but I don't have to worry about cars! It's all temporary anyway - in a few months, we'll have all the light we want, as well as the heat of summer

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