Camper trials

At some point in time, we'd like to be able to take the cats with us camping. I don't leaving them home alone - they always seem so depressed when we leave and so skittish when we get home. So we've been gradually getting everyone ready for a camper trip. Step 0 was really the harnesses. We got harnesses for all of the cats - blue for Sasha, red for Dum Dum and pink for George. The first few times we harnessed them up was funny. George didn't seem to mind at all, but the other two acted like they were paralyzed. So silly. But know, they all seem to be handling the harnesses well. Sasha is even back to playing with her harness on.

So onto step 1 - introducing them to the camper! Parked in the front yard, not going anywhere... We got it all nice and warm, took the litter box out and some food and water out. Then time for the cats. Loaded them up in the carriers and out we went. And the meow choir began. All three of them - whining and meowing like crazy. George was of course the first one to settle down, figure out how to get up to the bed and get comfy. Dum Dum was next, after he ate all the canned food we brought out for them. Sasha - well, she never really got settled. She cuddled up in my lap, alternately purring and shaking. So after three hours, we headed inside. It's a start.

Step 2? An overnight trip in the front yard! Should be exciting, but I think we'll keep working on step one for a while...


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