A great day for trespassing

Winter time for Nick and I means its time to think about Colorado's favorite illegal trail. The Manitou Incline. As a native, I actually remember there being a train running up those ties. And I even had the opputuniety to ride the Incline a few times. Mostly when I was training for the Pikes Peak Ascent and didn't feel like running down Mount Manitou. But now, its a series of brutal steps up to the top of Mount Manitou. Still technically Illegal and trespassing but a really good workout and lots of "fun." I've only done it a few times and usually when the snow is flying and the temperatures below freezing.

So with a chilly sun and neither one of use feeling ready to bundle up and ride in the cold, we headed to Manitou. There were already plenty of people out hiking but less then on normal fall days. I was still feeling a little under the weather from my cold so just hikes. Even just hiking was hard. Those steps aren't designed for short legs. I remembered reading that the fastest method was to double the middle and lower ties. Tried for a while but it wasn't any easier. And I wasn't moving fast at all! So back to hiking.

Finally at the top and we took the longer way to Barr Trail. I ran ahead if Nick and turned around every so often to hike back up. Since I've been running, it was easier then trying to stay together. I also remembered why I only did the Marathon once! I don't much care for running down hill for that long! Harder on the legs then running uphill! But what goes up must come down. I'm sure the down part will get better S we do the incline a few more times this year. But only when the snow flies!


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