A new toy for the Exposure Lights

After getting back from 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest and using the Exposure Lights to illuminate the forest, Nick and I were really excited to get a new toy for the lights. A remote switch that controls on-off and beam power. While the on/off switch on the Maxx-D and Toro lights is already easy to use, the remote switch is awesome. It's like having a hydraulic lockout for the fork instead of reaching down every time. It is as convenient as using your thumb to switch to a higher gear. Comes with a little Velcro loop and the aluminum housing is rubber backed to keep it form slipping around (you need to get the Velcro tight). This is going to be very nice come the next 24 hour race and or night ride.

The remote switch

Mounted on the handle bar

Perfect placement for on the fly added lumens - don't have take hands off bars or look at the light


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