In the bank

With yesterday's climbing fest, the last hard workout before the Breck 100 has been completed. All the work, all the suffering and all the strength gains now in the bank for withdrawing come the 15th. Hopefully, there will be enough - plus interest! - for me to have a successful first 100 mile MTB race. Sunday's ride was fun -we did everything in the opposite direction we normally ride! Up Section 16 instead of down, up Captain Jacks, kept climbing till we reached 666. Then back up and finally down Jacks. I wasn't looking forward to riding up Section 16 when we left, but I'm happy we did. It was steep as shit, loose in places and I did some hiking. Yet my confidence for some of the steep road climbs and for Little French Gulch has just jumped. Yes it's gonna be hard - but it's not as steep as Section 16! I was also able to clean riding up the top half of Jacks. The rain helped since the trail was in awesome condition, but it was a steady grind. I thought it was really funny - we met two riders coming down and they just stared. One of them even told me there's an easier way up!

But outside of the training and the hours on the bike, I think I'm ready. Having gone up and ridden the whole course over a couple of days, I have a better idea of what I'm in for. I also can plan my food and drink choices a little better. I also am aware of the tough sections, the hidden areas where mental things might fall apart, and the tricky sections that could cause carnage. I might never have done a 100 mile race before, but I have experience doing long distance racing. I know the low patches where stepping off the bike is the most tempting idea and how I've gotten through them in triathlons. Here's to hoping that experience serves me well in a week.


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