Breck 100 scouting trip photos

At this point, it should be pretty clear that Nick and I went up to Breckenridge last weekend to scout out the course for the Breck 100. We had the maps and the cue sheets and were hoping not to spend too much time looking at either. Not being familer with the area, it was a little frustrating at times, but we got the courses down. I still don't have much of an idea of how long to expect to be on my bike because of all the detours, wrong turns and such. But I have a general idea of the terrain (up, more up, little bit of down, some rolling up, more up, loose up...) It was a useful trip, some fun time on the bike. Nick manned the camera and took a few shots during three rides. 

Day 1 - Lap 1. Up and over Wheeler Pass, down to Copper, around to Frisco, then back to Breck on single track
The view from the turn onto Wheeler Trail. That was a long, long climb!

Riding on Wheeler Trail - my first experience of alpine mountain biking

Happy now that the top of the pass is in sight!

Riding at 12,000 feet - Keeping my eyes on the trail instead of the flowers

Day 2 - Lap 2. This was the hardest of the loops, with two really long and steep climbs. There was also some fun single track. We met a lot of people out pre-riding the Firecracker
The climb up Little French Creek - a mix of single track and jeep roads

Another shot - riding up the Little French Creek

Day 3 - Lap 3. I was anticipating this to be the most boring of the laps. But with the drop down Gold Dust Trail from Boreas Pass all the way to Como, it was actually a lot of fun.
Gold Dust Trail - there is a narrow bridge under my tires!

Heading off into the woods on the Gold Dust Trail

Looking at the scenery while climbing up North Tarryall Creek Road to Boreas pass

Back to the business of climbing

On Boreas Pass Road - time to start the last grinding climb!

Off into the distance on Boreas Pass Road


  1. I just did the Firecracker 50. Those are some sweet trails in that area. Good luck!


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