Searching for Echantment

This is gonna be a fun weekend. Not only do we get to hang out with the fun Back of the Pack Racing single speed freaks, we get to check out a new 24 hour race! This will be our first time in the Zuni Mountains east of Gallup, NM for the 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest. I've seen pictures from the race, with riders on flowing trails under huge pines. It really looks like a fun course. I've also read reviews and it sounds like a very well organized 24 hour race. It's cool - We're heading to a race with no prior experience on the course. Neither of us have ridden any of the trails in the area. It's all brand new, we don't know how hard or technical the course is, how the climbs and descents compare to anything else, or what the passing will be like. I have no clue how fast our laps will be, outside of estimating based on what other teams have done. That's part of the cool factor. A chance to see how dialed Nick and I really are when it comes to 24 hour races. A new course and new venue...

And we get to hang out with the Back of Pack gang. Hopefully, they will have the 24 hour living room set up, complete with the Pink Futon! Although Nick and I will resist the lure and curse of the Pink Futon... We go into race mode once high noon approaches, but before and after, it's a fun group to swap stories with and just chill out.


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