Battle the Bear

Finally - we got to race our bikes at Bear Creek Lake. It was the best of all possible weekends - conflicts did pull away some riders to other events such as the Teva Games. But for a rescheduled event, there was still plenty of racers eager to rise to the challenges that Bear Creek Lake presented. I finally put all the pieces together, turning in the 3rd fastest woman's time on the course to claim the top step on the podium. I finished in 4:19:16 - meeting my goal of breaking 4:20. Natalie Ryan hung tough in a long weekend that included the 24 Hours of E-Rock from Friday thru Saturday to finish second in 4:36:35. Third place went to SS racer Cristine Begy with at 4:43:27.

Nick also had a crazy weekend - he crewed for my Mom's team at E-rock and joined an eight person team for four laps. Then he helped me with my race Sunday morning before finally toeing the line for his race. He had a solid race - pushing himself to the limit and finished second. Now it's time to catch up on his sleep!


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