Another day of studying

Maps that is. I think the ride took two hours longer then it should have because we got turned around and made a bunch of wrong turns. That and the directions were kinda hard to follow for people who aren't familiar with the trails and roads around here. I think we did get the whole second lap, plus some extra stuff. There were some fun trails, for sure and the descent off the Colorado Trail is awesome. The climb to get there however? I was hurting on that. I didn't eat enough during this ride, and it showed in the climbs. But there wasn't the kick in the pants climb at the end of the lap. Just some steady riding.

We met a lot of people who were out pre-riding the FireCracker 50 course. That was marked and really easy to follow. At times we were on the same trails and same direction. Other times, we were going against traffic. Having some other people around was good on a few times we got lost. Although four lost people with the same vague directions aren't very efficient!

I do have some photos - will post them later. This was another really pretty day on the bike, lots of expansive views and wild flowers. Before we got onto the Colorado Trail, we rode past the dog sled kennels off of Swan River road. And the dogs were out today! There was a team of ten running up the road, pulling a golf cart behind them. Those dogs looked so happy, tongues hanging out, pulling with all thier might. I've never seen sled dogs training, so it was fun to see.


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