Working on the 2012 Schedule

I've started planning my race schedule for this year and think I have a good start. I was torn between Xterra and some ultra endurance mountain bike races at the end of the season, but decided to stay with my Tri roots for at least another year or two. After the start I had for last year, it seems silly to not keep working on the Xterras. That and it's a fun group and there are some new races that sound really cool. The full Championship schedule has not been released from Xterra yet, so there might be some additions there. But I'm pretty sure that's all I will be able to afford to race! In terms of local Xterra, two new events - Curt Gowdy and Pueblo both sound awesome. And of course, I have always enjoyed Lory, so I'm not gonna miss that one.

In the mountain biking, I am planning on staying close to home. The Rocky Mountain Endurance Series is my goal. I will miss a few of the events, but will race the marathon length races at the ones on my schedule. I have done a few long distance mountain bike races, so I think these will be fun but a food challenge. There is one more 24 hour race then last year - Enchanted Forest. We've heard some really good things about the venue, organization and course. Missed it last year, so making sure to take that trek this June. Then at the end of the year, maybe a few laps around Palmer Park at 24 Hours of COS.

Whew! It a busy looking year! Time to buckle down, drag my butt outta bed and put in the hours. Staying healthy is the key to getting the training for a successful season.


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