I though I knew what I wanted to do and where I was headed. After spending hours pondering, scribbling lists and making plans, evaluating all the choices and events crowding the year, I was pretty sure I'd settled on my goal. Now, not so sure again. I've looked over my notes and budget stuff for the season and find myself questioning again. Right now, the entire year is open - I'm not committed to anything but a few fun events. Emphasis on the word fun. I'm not making my living racing - my day job still pays the bills. So it's a lifestyle, albet at a fairly high level, but still a lifestyle. So what kind of lifestyle am I looking for? Race fun or chase points? Good courses and challenging events or wide open fitness courses? Low stress, but still all out hard or high drama and stressful. Looking at it like that, should be an easy choice. And that's why I'm still questioning.


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