A trip around Lake Minnequa

One of the best things about working down in Pueblo (besides the easy access to great trails at Lake Pueblo) is the proximity of Lake Minnequa. Half a mile from my building is a nice, mostly flat gravel path around the lake. It's a great place for doing running workouts. I can also take advantage of the normally warmer and drier weather - sunny, no ice and quiet trails. There usually are a few people out and about, walking dogs ect. But mostly quiet so it's good for getting up to speed and working hard.

Well, yesterday was a little different. Instead of the normal assortment of joggers, dog walkers and so, I was confronted with a new partner. Horses. Yes, there is the Norris-Penrose center right near my normal running area, but I rarely see them out on the trails. I see evidence of horses, but rarely the horses. Well, not only did I see the fresh evidence of horses yesterday, I saw four horses on the trail around Lake Minnequa. One rider was out for a cantor - he was the nicest horse rider I've met in a while. Two were out training younger horses - I was happy I wasn't on my bike. They were skittish, skittish. I was a little nervous even running past them. And the last one was just strolling around the lakeshore, enjoying the Pueblo sunset. Seeing that many horses on a fairly "in town" path was kinda odd. There is a stable right next to the lake, but... More adventures from Lake Minnequa coming soon!


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