Seasons change

After pondering where my focus would be for the season, I finally made a decision and will be returning to my roots as an endurance athlete. Kinda, sorta. I came to Xterra as a road triathlete and marathon maniac. I thought nothing of racing a half iron one weekend and a marathon the next weekend. There was something attractive about the mental challenge and need for strategy in the longer events. When I met Nick, I fell in love with mountain biking and the fun of getting dirty. But I wanted to stay a triathlete. So I turned my focus towards Xterras, hoping I could overcome my lack of fast twitch and turn the endurance from my many marathons into speed. For three years, I've chased the points in the Xterra Championship series. It's been fun, seeing new trails and meeting new people. But it's also been frustrating. I've seen old faces stay the same distance in front of me and new faces quickly climb the rankings. And starting this season, I found myself not even wanting to travel to the events. And without motivation to get to the race it's hard to want to race.

So it's time for a change. And while I'm not planning on running many more marathons, it's back to the endurance world. Ultra endurance mountain biking. I've done a few longer races and loved them. And the 24 hour races require so much more then just fitness. So that's the plan. I will be racing the Rocky Mountain Endurance Series this year, stepping up to the challenge of my first 100 mile mountain bike ra e. I'm also adding in a few more 24 hour races with Nick - focusing on getting the strategy dialed for our team. Never fear, there are still a few Xterras on the schedule. But more for fun and getting my love of the race back.


  1. Good for you for figuring out what you want to do and pursuing that. I'm guessing you will have a great year because you're going out to have fun.
    I'm looking forward to watching for you and Nick on the podium again this year.


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