Pre-ride in the Old Peublo

Well, the pre riding is done and there is nothing left to do but wait until noon Saturday. And people watch. That's always a hoot! It isn't that hard to figure out how to park three cars without taking up that much space. At least you would think! Seriously, it was a good refresher on desert riding, getting out on course again. We mostly had a clean run for the preride and everyone we met on trail was super cool. I had forgotten the twisty flowing speed of the trail and quick dips and dives around the cacti. It didn't take long to remember the lines and rocks in the trail. Nick rode his single for the pre ride, so if he need to race on that he has the gears down. I took a few trips down the option, just to build up some confidence. And it was as fun as I remembered. We also did both the Bitches and the new Skip the Bitches section of single track. And I know what I will be riding come Saturday. I love the ladies, but...


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