Groundhog Day Resolutions

Okay, so I missed New Year's for the Resolutions! I've never been very good at making New Year's resolutions - it seemed kinda silly to me to flip a page in the calender and all of a sudden try to be a totally different person. Making changes takes time and it is hard - there will always be slip ups and set backs, no matter what the resolutions are. So I used the month of January to ease into things! Waiting until February also gave me more time to think about what I needed to improve this year.

A clean bike is a happy bike and happy bikes are fast
I need to spend more time with my equipment. No more getting home and leaving a muddy bike sit for days - it needs to be cleaned right away. Maintenance and knowing how things work is integral to racing at full potential. I have been bad about cleaning and relying on Nick to fix everything. I need to start doing more for myself. (Thanks Ascent Cycling for the quote)

Understanding why is key to achieving potential
Instead of just doing the workouts and feeling like I'm getting stronger, I need to understand everything about the training plan. What are the goals and how to best achieve them? Then after the workouts, I need to take the time to review and make sure that I accomplished what was needed for that session. No more training blindly - use all the tools available.

Improvement also comes with focusing on the little things.
I've talked about this before - doing the little things to supplement the swim-bike-run parts of training. Drills to improve form and power in the water. Yoga for strength and flexibility. Core strengthening to improve stability. Weights for general strengthening. Paying attention to unusual stiffness to prevent injuries. It all counts and it all matters.

Those are the big three. My Groundhog Day Resolutions. I'll update as to how I'm doing throughout the year!


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