The Travelin' Turtle!

Last year, the travel challenge was the snow and ice from Raton south. We were creeping along at 10 mph, having trouble seeing the road and eventually faced the exciting task of getting the chains on the Turtle. This year, no snow and sunny skies. But we faced an equally insidious challenge to the trek. Warm temperatures in Colorado and New Mexico in the winter mean one thing - wind. The poor turtle was pegged, chugging along at 40 mph or slower on the hills to the north of Santa Fe. We were fighting a losing battle with the wind as we kept going slower and slower and slower... I have to admit, I've driven that section of I-25 a few times and it has always been windy. It shouldn't have been a surprise! But this was a blow the Turtle across the road wind. It didn't matter what direction we were going either. The wind was a constant companion. But once the sun went down, the air was calm. Nick even set a speed record in the Turtle - 68mph!


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