Snow Ride

After reviewing all the options yesterday (incline, snowshoe hike, being lazy) Nick and I decided to brave the wind and chilly temperatures and play around in Stratton for a few hours. Nick just got me a set of bar mitts and it seemed like the perfect day to test them out. After all, I might need them in AZ this year! There was about two inches of slush on the roads, and we figured it would be a mud bath on the trails. But we had a pleasant surprise when we got to Stratton. Because it was still cold and the sun was playing hide and seek with some clouds, the snow had not yet melted. There was about two to three inches of fresh snow on the trails. Plent of hiker tracks, but we were the first riders. And as long as we stayed out of the wind it was a really good day for a ride. The traction was decent, with only a few really soft patches. The bar mitts worked great. it was below 30 and all I had on were my light summer gloves. And my hands were nice and warm. If I need to use them at Old Pueblo, I will not mind at all. Over the two hour ride we only saw two other riders, but the trails looked like a huge group went through. That was because of the loops and circles Nick and I were making. I think we rode Chamberlin Trail five times! But it was a decent ride and more fun then the trainer. A snow ride is always better then no ride!


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