Training Again!

Why does even one week of not doing anything make me go utterly crazy? I am not good at taking time off, espcially when the weather is nice out. I just want to get out and do something!

I promised that I would behave myself as I started getting back into training after Silverman and the whole pneumonia thing. Well, does running mile repeats with the girls count as taking it easy? I'm not sure about that, but it felt good to run hard. Hey, I didn't get to run the marathon, so... We ran a measured out and back mile on the Santa Fe trail. I ran faster then I meant to, but it felt really good. The last mile was a bit of a struggle and I did slow down by about 10 seconds from the first mile to that third mile. Not as consistant as I usually run. A little sore today, but worth it. It's always nice to get out and run with a group.

Even though it has been really nice and sunny, the trail was muddy. Left overs from Sunday's snowstorm. Of course, I wore a brand new shirt and now it's a little mud splattered. Oh well. I'm sure the mud will come out in the wash. If not, I got the shirt to run in and just made sure that it would be used for that!


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