EcoSports Bottles

I got my new bottles while I was out in Vegas, so this was the first chance I had to play with them. My first impression was how light they were. I think the 30 oz Eco bottle was lighter then some of the plastic bottles I've been using. The sport top is perfect for using in the car or while on the spin bike. I'm not going outside for a while, thanks to the pneumonia, but looking forward to trying the bottles when I do. I also got the Eco Jr and an Eco Steel bottle. The Eco Jr. is a good size for am orange juice or for using at the computer or at work. Don't need to worry about knocking it over, unlike the taller bottles. The Eco Steel is for my swim bag - I needed a new bottle after my last few plastic ones got deformed in the summer heat. I know the sturdy steel will last being in my car all day and the slate blue is a nice color.

Everyone is making metal waterbottles now. Why not try the only ones designed for the active lifestyle we all lead?


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