Packing time!

It's time to get everything packed and organized for Silverman! I'm leaving tommorow in the morning for the drive to Vegas. It feels like there is so much more stuff that I need for an iron distance race compared to an Xterra, but when I got everything piled in the middle of the floor, there wasn't much more. Wetsuit, goggles, CAF kit, bike shoes (need to make sure I've got the road ones, not the MTB ones!), running shoes, sunglasses, hat, helmet, ext. There's more warm clothes in the pile, but given the history of Silverman... Having a vest or jacket and other stuff in my swim to bike bag could save the race. I'm also packing more food, but with the lenght of the race, that's a given.

I haven't checked the weather forecast yet. Almost scared to check - it seems that Silverman Sunday is always the black sheep in the week. I decided that I wouldn't worry about the weather, but just make sure I've got the clothes to ride in anything. The only thing that the weather will really affect is the finish time. If the weather's perfect, there might be some fast times. If it's like last year, with head wind both directions, hail, rain and thunder, then the name of the game will be survival.

But I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again. The Silverman staff is just the best and the racers are a little family. I'm volunteering with the aide station set up on Friday again. This will be my third year with volunteering. Yeah, it's not the smartest thing to do before a big race, but I wouldn't give it up. There's something about volunteering that makes you appreciate the work that everyone does to make a race run smoothly.

I'll get travel and race updates posted regularly. Wish me luck!


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