This was one of those days where you get in the car, start driving and go huh? It snowed last night, just a little - maybe an inch or two. But it was wet and rainy before the temperature dropped to snow levels. I would think that since it's a Sunday, the road crews would be able to get all the major streets plowed before the the church, ect traffic heads out. Well...

As I was driving to work at 8:15 - it did not look like they had been out plowing at all. A few major roads were okay, but the rest - I really could have gone ice skating on them. Just thick, chunky ice with a layer of slush underneath. And the major roads? Well, it looked like the plow drivers had gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. Nevada was a mess - a long pile of snow ran right down the middle lane, ocassionaly wandering into the left lane. There was a Smart Car sized snowball in the middle of the road by the Myron Stratton Home. It would have been better if the plows had stayed home - just dropping de-icer does not help with clearing the roads. Plow on the pavement, not two inches above is the only way to get the snow off the road. Anything else and whats the point?

Anyway, this is Colorado. It will melt in two days and we'll forget how to drive on ice again.


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