Xterra West Cup

Well, the first triathlon of the season is finished. That was a challenge. I learned some things to build on for the rest of the season and to get ready for next year. The swim was my best leg - I felt strong in the water. The start was a little bumpy, but we had a really narrow channel to swim through. I had no problems with sighting, even though I haven't practiced. My transition was slow - could not get the wetsuit off. It got tangled on my ankles and around my wrists. As for the bike, I knew when I pre-rode that I was going to hurt on this course. The course was like riding on the moon - blue arrows spray painted onto the gravel and sand. There were two really steep hills, with equally steep decents, a long, sandy wash, plenty of rollers and a fun twisty section along the lake shore. There really wasn't anything worth remembering except for the eight women who passed me! The run wasn't much better, which was surprising. I usually can run very well, but the heat did me in. I was not ready for 90 degrees, with no shade. Getting off my bike, I had a few cramps in my quads, but my calves were really tight on the first lap of the run. I was happy I had some chicken broth with me for the run. I finished in 13th place, some 24 minutes behind McQuaid. But hey - I did meet one of my goals! My finish time was faster then all of the age group women.

Seriously, I will have to sit down and evaluate my training - encorporate more brick workouts, strenght workouts and just focus on my bike and run. I have time. This season is about getting the experience I will need for racing at this level in Xterras.

My mother got a few shots -http://picasaweb.google.com/TracyThelen.triathlete/XterraWestCup#


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