Compression Socks

Okay - I'll admit it. I've gone to the dark side and joined the compression sock craze. Earlier in the year, one of my sponsors, sent out new running uniforms and a pair of Recovery Socks compression socks. I wore the socks a few times, but wasn't convinced about the effectiveness. I am now. I used those socks during the drive to Las Vegas for the Xterra West Cup and on the flight to Fargo for the marathon. I didn't have any of the heavy feeling or swelling that I normally get when I sit for a long time. My legs weren't as tired when I started moving again, either. I also noticed that my legs aren't as tired after work, espcially when I've done hard workout in the morning. I ordered a few more pairs of the Recovery Socks today - one in fusicha! Hey, if I'm going to look like a dork in knee high socks, I might as well go all the way.


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